Pit Viper The Gogglés Grande

by: Pit Viper

Although the sun assaults from above, wind penetrates from all angles. Traditional Pit Vipers buck wind speeds up to 420 kph, but some Pit Viper owners say they need to go faster. For real speeders, we created the first full face-cupping pair of Pit Vipers, the foam lined, strap-on, Gogglés.

Now available in Grande, a bigger frame for larger field of vision.

  • 1.2mm Dual-Layer Polycarbonate Len
  • Main Anti-Fog Lens: 14% VLT, CAT 3
  • Main Lens Look-thru color: Grey
  • Bonus Anti-Fog Lens : 69% VLT, CAT 2
  • Bonus Lens Look-thru color: Yellow
  • 100% UVA + UVB Protection
  • Non-slip rubber grip on strap for helmet huggin'
  • Triple layer foam
  • Weight: 168g

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