Pit Viper The Intimidators

by: Pit Viper

Normally in nature, neon colors mean “STAY AWAY.” Not for the Boomslang Intimidators. Think of these bright green shades as your ticket in anywhere. No bar, roof top pool, adult movie premiere, or winners circle is off limits. You don’t need to win the race to win the party. 

The Intimidators are the same tough, functional frame from the Pit Viper 2000s rebuilt with a bigger, squarer lens made for squaring up any rival. These guard dogs are Z87+ Safety Rated and 100% UV Protective to keep your eyeballs safe so you can focus on devastating the competition.

  • Lens: Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate
  • Look Thru Color: Blue
  • Light Transmission: 14.2%, CAT 3
  • 100% UVA + UVB Protection
  • Polarized: No
  • Weight: 38g

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